Depending on your project, there will be different types of quality and timelines.


Our pricing varies depending on:

Detail, clients provide, The project's complexity, the size and how wide it must be to show the surroundings.

Number of renderings

The software used for rendering: 3Ds MAX, Corona Renderer, Sketchup, Vray, Autodesk Revit, Lumion...

3d exterior renders

The first shot

From 390 CAD to 890 CAD

The second shot

On the different sides of the building:

From 290 CAD to 750 CAD

On the same side of the building:

From 70 CAD to 390 CAD


3d interior renders

The first shot

From 260 CAD to 580 CAD

The second shot

On the different sides of the building:

From 120 CAD to 380 CAD


price examples

Medium-Quality 3D Rendering

1st view: 440 CAD

This option is more affordable with a shorter timeline. However, it is still a good-quality 3D rendering like the example below.

Premium-Quality 3D Rendering

1st view: 690 CAD

This option is a high-quality 3D rendering with more detail and lighting. The timeline is also longer because of the different software used to create the details.

Café in South Korea

1st view: 560 CAD

2st view: 330 CAD

3st view: 120 CAD

For more examples of our prices, download Sample of Prices:

For a more exact price for your project, please contact us.


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