Concept Design

For Selling a House

For a New Development

For a Rezoning Proposal

Concept design is the initial and creative part of the design process. Every space design begins somewhere, and that somewhere is here.

We provide conceptual design to put your aspirations on paper. Here, we get the ball rolling to meet every expectation for your future space through one-on-one collaboration with clients to conjure up the design plan of your dreams and create sketches of the future space’s layout. We believe that each of our clients has a unique vision, and we dedicate ourselves to listening to and fully delivering on that vision. A successful architectural space depends on the initial image or concept that will eventually become your future space.

Additionally, our team can help you create more than one initial design for your future space, and you can choose to visualize your main design in different ways.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the interior or exterior 2D design, or visualize your concept through a photorealistic 3D rendering.

Concept Design for Selling a House

With photorealistic rendering, our clients can showcase a project’s potential without anticipating the completion of the physical design. This gives them more opportunities to sell their land or home in a shorter amount of time. So, if you have a short deadline to build or renovate your land or home, and don’t want to invest in renovation, decoration, landscaping, or construction before selling your property, concept design and 3D rendering would be an affordable and fast way to market your property.

Concept Design for a New Development

The concept design can be used to shape your property development plans. In this process, we’ll work with you to create sketches of a future space’s layout. We’ll discuss your needs, and review bylaws and regulations to provide a rough outline and illustrate your project’s basic concepts.

Concept Design for a Rezoning Proposal

Along with our concept design, we provide a mass table of your unit study, including the gross and net floor area, floor space ratio (FSR), and percentage of parcel coverage. Please check the examples in our previous jobs below.
By having different design options for your potential project in the existing lot, you can choose one based on your design interests, and most suitable FSR and parcel coverage for your development.

Why choose us?

Our concept designs with 3D rendering and affordable pricing packages make our services a fantastic, low-risk option to consider for the initial step of your project to discover your site’s potential.

We understand that clients primarily work with architect companies for concept designs, and we won’t deny they do an excellent job. Still, most architectural firms expect to complete the project from start to finish, with an expensive hourly rate often reflective of the design development stage, rather than many projects’ concept design stage.

We are helpful to those in the rezoning proposal stage and during their due diligence and feasibility study to help estimate the cost for your potential project. We promise to do our best to help your space reach its full potential.


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